Monday, February 19, 2018

Helsinki, Finland

And one more meeting card for today, which is from one of the bigger PC meetings regularly organized out there, and Helsinki is one of those places where some of the International meetings have taken place. I still haven't attended a bigger meeting and on one hand it makes me sad, on the other hand I wonder if people actually have time to chat or is it all just writing and signing postcards... I mean even with the mini-meetings I have been a part of, it is insane how much time the writing/signing cards consumes, let alone an International meeting with dozens of people attending :)

This is from a meeting in Helsinki, that took place on August 3rd, 2013, and I would have to thank Jetske for making sure I received one of these calm winter scenes of Helsinki  :)

And here also the Postcrossing Parents have attended and signed my card, so it is even more special to have received this one. The adorable stamp is from a set of 3 Garden Berries' stamps issued in 2013.

Thank you dear Jetske for the card  ! And to the rest of you for reading! Enjoy the week ahead - hopefully the weather will be on your side :)

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Bryon D said...

I enjoy the tremendous variety of stamps Finland produces. Always colorful, interesting, inspiring.