Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland

And one more Sissel card for today, this time from Scotalnd's capital.

As neatly explained on the back of the card "Evening light on the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle, views from Calton Hill".
I have written about the Castle before, so won't be repeating myself here. Though I think that so far I have it from all the possible angles and all views are just stunning!

a cute Christmas stamp issued in 2016 in a set of 8.

Soo, that would be all for today, It is about time I get down to some ACTUAL work.

Millions of hugs to Sissel for these cards and the bunch of others still not featured.

And see you soon with maybe another fairy-related post. Let's see who the random generator chooses next time ;-)

stay well!

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