Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chiang Mai Thailand

Next is again an Asian card, this time from Thailand.

I think that this is a kind of a view every postcard collector loves coming across when travelling. Not only because of the large choice of postcards, but just look at the way they have been arranged, so appealing to the eye!
This is a scene in the Wualai Walking Street in Chiang Mai. You know, I never heard of Chiang Mai until I met these two lovely ladies during my trip in Vientiane. French girls who actually lived in Chian Mai and while talking to them I realized what a lovely place this is, though maybe it has become way too touristy for my taste, but still.
Unfortunately, from what I could see, they had to leave Thailand for good few months ago, but I hope life is still good for them back in France. Big hug to Sandrine and Claire while we are at it.

again, a bunch of super-fantastic stamps! The mailboxes were issued in 2016 in a set of 10 for the National Children's Day and they feature AESAN mailboxes (the red one is from Thailand while the yellow one from Vietnam). The owls are from a set of 4 issued in 2013 (on the top is the collared owlet or Glaucidium brodiei, while underneath is the collared scops owl or the Otus lettia.)


Eva A. said...

Super-fantastic postcard and stamps, both!

Ana said...

thank you Eva! :)