Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day-hype in China

Walking through the streets of Guangzhou tonight (my initial idea was to go and see some of the Lantern Festivals' performances), I ended up being amused by the hundreds and hundreds of Chinese people celebrating Valentine's Day.
The streets were generally full with people holding boxes full of flowers, trying to sell them to the passers by.
It amuses me that Chinese people go crazy about all these Western holidays but the internet is still greatly censored and it sometimes takes magic to make websites like gmail, facebook, youtube, work properly...

well yeah....been really silent here for months...frankly I didn't expect it that I would be so unable to keep posting here, even if not regularly ...so yeah. life's been busy and tiring, but well, that's the price you have to pay for the experiences :)

in case you havent noticed I had renamed this blog into 'postcards and travels' since obviously for the time being it will be less postcards and more travel pictures + i bought a new camera just before New Year so at least I've been able to take some decent and worth-to-show pictures...so hopefully would be able to share those with you sooner or later...at least with those of you who are not on FB - I've already done my bragging share there :D

Anyways, hope you are all well...and if you are maybe wondering how come you still havent found a Chinese card from me in the mailbox..well cos I still havent sent any..finding postcards here has been a real challenge, and I actually dread going to the post office and asking for stamps with my still non-existent Chinese :D :D :D

Oh well....

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Ce Guo said...

Hey, Ana. I emailed you a couple days ago with some questions. Not sure if you still have access to your Gmail in China. BTW, are you working or studying in China? :-)