Friday, July 15, 2016


A card I received from two friends of mine and their holiday in Portugal...

well, on one hand I am thankful for the card... didn't expect them to actually send it to me since in general my non-postcrossing Macedonian friends do not really send cards - they give them to me. However, I think I have kinda spread the bug to some of them and on some occasions I get surprised in the mailbox.
Now the thing I am not thankful for is that when they went to Portugal, they never cared to ask their other friends if they maybe wanted to go to...they did have this habit of selfishly organizing a trip and announcing it after things were settled and all...I still don't know how I ended up going to Spain with them....
Anyways, as I said, another friend of mine and I were really bothered about how they played the whole Portugal thing, but what can you least I got to see Prague that year, but that's not the point here :)

Well, I wanna use this occasion to congratulate Portugal on winning the European Championship.
To get something straight though - I didn't watch the Championship nor I could care any less about it. Ok, I am lying, I did 'attend' one match, the one between Portugal and Poland - here many bars and cafes organize events for watching all kinds of matches and the Championship was no exception. Now, I would never really go to a bar to watch a football match like this, but you see, there is this cool bar in Skopje that I haven't been to in ages (and I used to go there often during Uni days) and on this particular occasion they organized a Depeche Mode how can I miss that??! And it was perfect, cos the sound of the TV was on mute, those interested could just watch what was going on (even though I think it was a boring match), while at the same time DM songs were playing...fantastic, just fantastic!
I had no favourites, but in the finals I was rooting for Portugal, probably for the wrong reasons - in general, I never really root for the always feels set-up...and then Iceland lost against France so how can I cheer for France?!! Of course I can't :) And there you go, they got what they deserved :) Sounds evil, but for me it is all just for fun, cos I really give no s*** about football, unlike tennis for example...there things are completely different :)

And maybe it would be fair to mention a few words about the was sent from Lisbon but I'm not sure if the signs here are from Lisbon only or different places in Portugal. Either way it is a really cool card :)

the stamp is from a set of 4 issued in 2010, representing the Circus Chapito.

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