Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shenzhou 7 Mission, China

Next come two great space-related cards from China...erm, have I mentioned that I have this idea of going to China for a year in September? Nope? Ermm, well, yeah, it's an idea I've been having for a while now...have no idea if it will come true or not, but well, I guess I should start spreading the word slowly so in case it happens it ain't too shocking :)
Though it is my parents who still have no clue about this idea since I am sure they would be the most shocked ones (and most probably disapprove it), but personally I just feel that this is something I have to do...unless I find some freakin' super, extra-paying job here in the meantime...for which the prospects right now are like non-existent....

Anyways, whatever happens, you'll be timely informed - but for now, let's stick to the cards :)

Received these two in a swap 3 years ago, from frankly, have NO idea whom...

They were issued by the State Postal Bureau in 2009, commemorating the Shenzhou 7 Mission - Shenzhou is a spacecraft developed and operated by the People's Republic of China to support its manned spaceflight program.  
There have been 10 missions launched in total, and these two cards commemorate the 7th one which was the third manned spaceflight mission of the Chinese Spaceflight program, carried out by crew members Zhai Zhigang and Liu Boming (I believe that the upper card shows Boming).

It was launched 25 September 2008, by a Long March 2F rocket which lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 21:10 CST. The mission lasted three days, after which the craft landed safely in Siziwang Banner in central Inner Mongolia on 28 September 2008, at 17:37 CST

Here is how Shenzhou 7 looked like.
The next mission for Shenzhou 11 is planned for 2016 or later....who knows, maybe it will happen when I'm in China :D

no stamps, since both cards came in an envelope...and this is how the backside lookslike...with something that may be considerd as an printed stamp.

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