Sunday, March 13, 2016

Washington Coast, USA

Will close today's update with the Washington Coast...

received this card from Bryon recently, showing Ruby Beach which is the northernmost of the southern beaches in the coastal section of Olympic National Park.
And from the first glance it reminded me of a card I received time ago...see below

Bryon used three great stamps here..two from this year already...the Lunar New Year stamp and the other one shows Richard Allen, as part of the Black Heritage series. The South Dakota stamp was issued in 1989, commemorating the South Dakota statehood.

As I mentioned above, the first glance at Bryon's card reminded me of this one and I was like convinced they were showing the same place until I read that Bryon's card shows Ruby Beach...and that's when I got confused :) See, this card shows the Rialto Beach, which is also in the Olympic National it seems that there are rocks of this kind all along the Pacific Coast :)

the back of the card here says: "The wilderness beach from La Push, Washington to Cape Flattery is controlled by rules of the Pacific Ocean. There are no sheltered Lagoons. One must climb headlands cross numerous streams, enter cocoons of fog and watch for storm waves that could trap you against sheer cliffs. This beach can be an experience of solitude never seen before".

I received this one from Mary back in 2010 (hides in shame) for the Mini RR at the forum....that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore from what I know =/

Mary used three extra-cute stamps - the Peanuts one was issued in 2001 showing Snoopy. The Sylvester and Tweety stamp was issued in 1998, while Bugs Bunny is from 1997. Sylvester has always been one of my favourite Looney Tunes characters, along with Sylvester Jr. - Sylvester Jr. is just way too adorable!! :)))

thanks a whole lot to Bryon and Mary for the great cards and amazing stamps here!!

Wishing a great cozy Sunday to is a rainy gloomy one here...the Icelandic people would say it is Gluggaveður, or window-weather - the one that is best appreciated indoors :)

 Stay well!

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