Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reykjavik, Iceland

Next beauty comes from Iceland (I don't think there can be something else but beauty if it comes from Iceland btw :)), sent by Alvin two years ago (yeah, today I'm kinda into older cards - cos of all my procrastination throughout the years of course...and frankly speaking I don't think I will ever be able to catch up...)

Speaking of Alvin, today, I realized that Heleen knows him too! It is such a small world! Ok, they are both Dutch, so nothing strange about it, but it is just one of those nice surprise feelings you get that when you don't expect it, you come across a familiar name :)

And the beauty here shows Winter's soft light over just hurts how beautiful it is! It hurts!!
Alvin says that on the card you can see the house where the Icelandic president lives, right next to the church...yeah, those buildings in the front...Reykjavik is in the background...and another funny fact added by Alvin is that Iceland is very safe, and there is almost no security at the president's house...heh, I don't think many presidents in the world can brag with that....

the stamp is from the 2013 EUROPA issue from a set of two stamps showing postal vehicles.

Another huge thank you Alvin!! And yeah, I envy your last trip too :)

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