Saturday, March 26, 2016

Palacio Salvo, Uruguay

It was supposed to be a sunny and chilly Saturday but it is gloomy and not so cold my initial plan to be reading out in the sun goes down the drain, and I don't really feel like cleaning, so of course, why not post some cards....I have a few hours left till I meet a friend later, so better use the time wisely :P

First is a card from Uruguay from dear Alvin and his South American trip *sigh*
On the card besides a small map and flag, you can see the Palacio Salvo from a few angles, in Uruguay's capital Montevideo.
This building was 100 m tall when finished in 1928 and for decades was the tallest building in South America.
The original specifications, describing the details of the construction, describe a lighthouse at the top of the building, which was replaced by a set of antennas. (duh, why????)
After permanently removing the antennas in 2012, the building 'shrunk' to 95 m.

The building was originally intended to be a hotel, but this plan didn't work out, and it has since been occupied by a mixture of offices and private residences.

The stamp on the back was not cancelled, but after another scribbling experience by the USPS just recently, I'd rather have them not cancelled then having one of those abstract artistic expressions by USPS postal workers.
Anyways, the stamp here was issued in 2014 in a set of 3, commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of José Gervasio Artigas (he was the national hero of Uruguay, sometimes called "the father of Uruguayan nationhood")

Thank you thank you thank you Alvin!!

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