Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Elbasan, Albania

The last card for today comes from Albania and it is my first one from Elbasan actually...

Here we have a nightview of the city, which is situated in the central part of the country and is one of Albania's largest cities.
Thanks to Indrit for this card, who says that Elbasan is one of the oldest cities in Albania, where  they have a castle, mosques, a clock-tower, a church and a lot of other attractive places.

Me of course, has never been there...I sometime still cannot believe it that I've never set foot in Albania and it is just so near...

there are two stamps on the card...the left one was issued 2011 and is from a set of 3 flower stamps. The other one is from a set of two issued in 2013, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the International Red Cross.

So, that would be all for now...till next time, enjoy the beginning of spring :)


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