Wednesday, February 17, 2016


next comes one of those Greetings from... cards...and as I have previously said, I do not collect this, but honestly I am glad to have this Macedonian one, written and stamped :))) opinion on this one...well I do love the picture they have chosen...I often say that the church of St. Jovan Kaneo is one of my favourite spots in the as for the information they have decided to include here...starting with the famous Macedonians...I remember there was a huge argument on Facebook about the draft-design of this card, that eventually got nasty, you know with insults and all - of course over Alexander the Great...I mean, it is ridiculous how that issue inevitably provokes nasty for safety reasons, Alexander was left out...but leaving Toše Proeski out is like some sad violation of this 'famous people' category....and Pero Antić, no offense in case you ever get to read this, but I am clueless based on what you have deserved a spot here among the are good in what you are doing an all...but dont get me started on all those distinguished artists and musicians and revolutionists that have done so much for this country but have been left out...I mean, I know one cannot please everyone (talking about the designer of the card here), but in this case it is not about pleasing me, cos I am trying to be really objective a big *thumbs down* on this one..sorry..

Another issue I also tackled last time, is the number of Postcrossing says 'over 60' here, which is more or less true, cos the website says 67 at the moment...but do you know how many of those are actually active? Just 1/3...or in numbers, around 20...some of those 67 have not logged in for years nor have sent a card ..... so again, this whole statistics thing gives some kind of false impression (and I think this would be applicable in all countries).

Other than that, no other remarks on this one...I think I was judgmental enough :)

well, the stamp is actually sufficient for international postage, but I guess that maybe that's all they had available at the know how things are with our Post Offices is past mid- February, and they still have not issued the Stamp Program for 2016....really really shame on us =/

edit: i forgot to tell you that this is one of my favourite Macedonian stamps.  well, the whole set of four jewellery stamps is great and this butterfly brooch originating in Bitola in the 19-20th century is something that has become like a symbol and can often be found in different colours and sizes at the filigree jewellery stores

thanks a million to Anita for this lovely surprise! :)

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