Saturday, February 6, 2016

Honokohau Falls, USA

Well, I guess im more or less sticking around nature today, so after two mountains, here comes one waterfall...a missile fired straight from Bryon of course :)

it is so cool to have a business meeting scheduled in Hawaii, isn't it? :P

the back of the card - Maui's tallest waterfall. The upper section of 1100 foot tall Honokohau Falls within the interior of the West Maui Mountains.

You know, Hawaii is usually all about sandy beaches and beautiful waters...but I actually like it when I see something different about it, like for example this card

and some pretty cool stamps here - all 2015ish!
Penguins on the very left - United States Coast Guard in the middle - and his majesty, Elvis on the very right, issued August 12th, commemorating 38 years of his death (he had died August 16).

Thank you as always Bryon - your missiles are just always so precise :D

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