Saturday, February 6, 2016

Birds, Japan

OK, one more card for today....

My knowledge about the birds living in Japan (or birds in general), is rather terrible - but I really like this card showing different birds living all over Japan - some of these names sound familiar, some don't - but it is a good way to learn!
Now, I won't be posting about each and every one of these individually - that would be way too much...and at first I wanted to share with you a video regarding birds living in Japan....then few days ago I came across another cool video about the history of Japan and I thought of sharing that one...until just today I came across this one, regarding the school-snack time the students have in this Japanese school....Japan really really NEVER ceases to amaze me...NEVER...I mean just look at how they treat the lunch time and how they respect food (and note down the nutritional values of it as well) and how they teach children to some values...I admire it, I really admire it!! Sooo many countries should take this as an example!!  It is actually embarrassing to even think about the school lunches over here...Japan or Jamie Oliver would have way too much work to do to fix things here...

well, just spare some 9 minutes of your precious time and watch this...I promise you, you won't regret it :)

impressions? thoughts?

well of course, lets not forget the stamps...they are as beautiful as well :)
the flag stamp was issued in 1975 in a set of two, commemorating the American Tour by Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako (the other stamp in the set of course, shows the US flag :))

the train stamp (showing the Hikari (Light) Express Train ) was issued in 1964 for the Inauguration of Tokyo–Osaka Shinkansen Railway Line.

the last one was issued in 1974 in a set of 3, representing Japanese Folktales (in this case, the Kaguya Hime tale, where this stamp in particular shows Kaguya Hime as Young Woman)

so, that would be all folks for now...thank you for reading....and hope to bring you something nice again soon!

enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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