Saturday, February 6, 2016

Green Mountain, Ascension Island

It is about time to make a new update (and I can say my silence since last time is somewhat justified :P ) well, I have like work to do for an assignment next week....but my brain has been barely able to absorb anything it just cant focus (and frankly it is a bit hard to focus when you have to read about Clostridial diseases in Sheep or Contagious Agalaxia in sheep and goats...yeah, that's not really fun now, is it? esp not for a Saturday night....but then it is so cold outside, I'd just rather hang around in the warmth of my absolutely chaotic room...and then I said, it's better to use the time wisely and brag with some postcards, instead just trying to figure out what does' submucosa haemorhages in abomasum' mean...

and yeah, ill be a bit mean with my first card for today...yep, a brand new country, written and stamped....from that place called Ascension Island :D :D :D

a big hug to dear Sissel for this extraordinary surprise!! Ascension Island has been such a remote hope to me that didn't even have it placed in my "countries' list", who does even get a card from there?!!
Well, obviously, I was a bit ignorant about it all, since *I* am the one to get a card from there! :D
At least google is not as ignorant as I am, so it gave me some information about the "Green Mountain" - which is the common name for "The Peak", the highest point on Ascension Island, which has gained some fame for claims that it is one of very few large-scale artificial forests.

There is such thing as an artificial forest?? Hah....something I definitely wouldn't have expected on an island like this but the world is just full of surprises....

Sissel says that the island is small, but that you still need a car to get around where you want to go...btw, the island is 1600 km away from the coast of Africa and 2,250 km from the coast of Brazil...well, still no one beats Tristan da Cunha :)

and here come the stamps! the absolutely gorgeous stamps!! I love them!!

the one on the very right is from a set of 4 WWF Birds stamps issued in 2011, showing the Phaethon aethereus.
The middle stamp shows the Bothus lunatus (from a set of 4 Coral Fish stamps issued in 2012).
And the last one (on the very left) is from a set of 6 birds' stamps issued in 2013, under the name 'Reintroduction of the Frigatebird'

Cancelled in Georgetown, the island's capital...

a million hugs and thank yous to Sissel for this is just incredible to have such a card in my collection! (ok, ill admit it, she actually sent me two, not one :D)....
but if i tell you that I dont have any new countries in my collection...for now...maybe you will hate me less =)


Gem from Calgary said...

That is a great country to get, and they are wonderful stamps, indeed.

Gem from Calgary said...

That is a great country to get, and they are wonderful stamps, indeed.

WaxonDanielsan said...

Great addition to the collection! :-) I'm still hoping on an Ascension Island postcard, one day ;-)

Ana said...

Thank you Glenn! :)

Danielsan, hope never dies ;-)

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