Friday, February 26, 2016

Bonneville Salt Flats, USA

ahhh don't get me started on what my mailbox went through today! I blame it on Bryon....who also launched this one from Salt Lake City few months ago...

Several miles east of Wendover is the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is the site of the famed Bonneville Raceway, the fastest automobile course in the world for many years. Pictured here are four of the old cars that raced the course years ago (- from the back of the card).

You call these old cars??? Seriously??!! They look like something from the latest Star Trek movie to me :D :D :D I mean, these are just awesome! It may not be Formula 1, but I just love these! So cool! And speaking of F1, Bryon says that Honda had brought their F1 car here to test its speed of 355km/h  so...

three nice stamps, all issued in 2015 - Elvis has some baby-face on this one (the picture was taken in 1995) is part of the Music Icon series of stamps...then you have the penguins on the left...and Paul Newman on the right...a stamp issued to commemorate 90 years since his birth... well, at least that's what the years logically suggest..boy he is so handsome on this stamp! It is a picture taken in 1980.

Thank you thank you Bryon! :))))))

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