Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Next comes a GF card from India....seems that this is my first GF card on the blog actually...

I'm not sure when exactly these cards appeared...if it was last year or sometime in 2014....anyways, there is a big big craze when it comes to them, and I understand why...they are really nicely designed and all, plus they are a collectible...and collectors love collectibles, so when you combine it all together you have your formula for success :)
Personally I am not an active collector of the GF cards, but i have received a few so far...I still dont know how I ended up receiving this one in a swap...but I dont mind :)
Well, you all know Taj Mahal that is portrayed here, plus I have already posted about Taj Mahal before, so I won't be going all over about it again....just some personal opinion with regards to the GF cards...

1. I don't know based on what they pick the people for the 'famous' section, but I often believe that better choices could have been done (starting with the GF Macedonia for example, and then the other day I noticed the GF Norway and I cringed.....)

2. The layout of the back of the card is so odd, I never know how to place things properly (address, stamps, text...)

3. The Postcrossing members section - that is a thing that really varies (same goes with the Population) . The GF card here says that there are over 7200 Members from India on PC...if you check the official site, right now it is 7755...so yeah, 7755 is more than 7200, but somehow soon, when there will be like 9000 or 10000, 7200 won't really make much sense in a way...unless they run a new print with some updated statistics

Ok, seems like I'm in some whining mood right now, so the positive side regarding this card...I've come to learn that India has the largest postal network in the world with around 155015 post offices and over 566000 employees....wow! fascinating!

I've just read that this stamp of Rajiv Gandhi, along with the Indira Gandhi stamp, issued in 2008, have been discontinued, as per some Government decisions....no such info about the Satyajit Ray stamp below

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