Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wired Opera House, Brazil

This card arrived very recently as a surprise from Nataša, whose whereabouts are a bit difficult (lets say, impossible) to follow, but she does sometimes give us the chance to at least know on which continent she is by surprising our mailboxes :)

At first glance I never would have guessed that this is an Opera House..neither at second or third..looks really surreal in such a surrounding! It looks more like some botanical garden or so, but NOT, definitely NOT an Opera House!
It is situated in the middle of an urban green park, Parque das Pedreiras and was built in 1992 on the site of a former rock quarry. It got its name because it was built out of steel tubes. The cool architect behind this project is Domingos Bongestabs.

no stamp...spares me the trouble to be searching for it :D

hvala ti puno Nato!! :*

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