Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Silvermine, Sweden

I card I received from a swap with Jan...one of the very few swaps I did this year..I actually think I could count them on my both hands =/

The card shows the Silvermine in Sala, Sweden (or the Sala Silvergruva) - it is mainly known for its high silver content though the ore also contained economic amounts of lead and zinc. The mine was in continuous production from the 15th century until 1908, while nowadays it serves as a tourist attraction with guided tours and also as a place for entertainment since concerts are being organized in the big empty rooms. You can actually even stay overnight here, at 155 m. underground :D

(image taken from http://www.yies.com/10-amazing-european-hotels-you-definitely-should-visit/)

stamps....rather old ones....the one on the left was issued in 2003, commemorating the 750th Anniversary of the Birth of St Bridget, while the other one dates back from 1999, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the European Council.

So, ready for a night out 155 meters underground, away from your mobile phones? =)

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