Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dublin, Ireland

Moving on to some Dublin stuff..

This first card came from Andy not so long ago from his trip to Dublin last December. Lucky, lucky guy! :)

The back of the card says" Dublin city is spread over the broad valley of the river Liffey, with Wicklow Hills sheltering it on the south. In addition to its splendid public buildings, Dublin is particularly rich in domestic architecture of the 18th century. It's one of Europe's most beautifully situated capitals with pleasant beaches and mountains only a short journey away.    

this stamp was issued in 2014 as part of two Marine Life stamps and on this one you can see the Fireworks Anemone...

the second Dublin card arrived as a surprise from Lynda...a great view of the city..and here you can see the Liffey river as well as some (important) buildings, that I  have no idea if I can identify properly...I guess the first bridge you can see is the Ha'Penny Bridge, built in 1816...and in the back on the right, that might be the Four Courts...well other than that I really dont know...that's why I included that last map card you can see below

again the fireworks anemone stamp....

and here is the Dublin map card, to help out lost and totally confused tourists like me with no sense of orientation. The back of the card has names for each of the numbers shown here, so with this, I really shouldnt get lost...all it takes now is to figure out how to get to Ireland...

nice colourful stamp from 2012 from a set of four stamps showing Myths and Legends....Id be thankful if anyone could tell me what the myth on this stamp is all about....

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