Monday, January 5, 2015

Lake Michigan, USA

Well, next comes another surprise card that I received this year...and since I don't feel like opening yet another box to be storing my 2015 cards, why not clear them away immediately? :P
Thing is, if it wasn't for this card, I wouldn't have realized that my Illinois posts so far were actually labeled as IlliOnois...even in the title! Yeah, me, who can be a real nit-picker sometimes, makes such clumsy mistakes...that laaast and laaast and laaast..for years! Just terrible...but I guess either no one has noticed so far, so it is not THAT embarrassing, or people didn't feel comfortable of pointing it out :)

The guilty guy for making me notice this mistake of mine, is, well, of course...Bryon! :D
Well, you know, I realized that both of the card I received since the beginning of the year are somewhat related, since they both show some icy, cold place...and eventually, really spontaneously, this whole updated turned out to be veiled in ice and snow...just as our weather here...snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures, which were like the main reason why my initial NY plans didn't work out...but as they say, everything happens for a reason and Im not complaining :)

The card here shows a view of the Chicago skyline from the frozen Lake Michigan...doesn't seem suitable for ice-skating though

if im not mistaken, this is my first Christmas USPS stamp of 2014...and I really love it!

Thank you Bryon! Hope that Argentine wine was nice ;-)

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