Monday, January 5, 2015

British Antarctic Territory

Happy New Year people!! OK, I know it's been five days already since it passed, but being that it is my first post this year, I do want to use this opportunity to wish you all a superb 2015, being happy and cheerful, doing the things you like, spending time with the people you love, travelling as much as you can and of course, enjoy full mailboxes as often as possible :)

2015 started pretty fine for me...esp. postcard-wise...this post is a proof of it ;-)
Even though my initial plans for New Year's eve didn't really get to be realized, my last minute option turned out to be a really good choice and it was just great...esp. when you get to bribe the DJ with chocolate to play Depeche Mode for the second time :P

Anyways, the downside of all this is that I've been ill ever since...I saw it coming even before NY, but I guess it didn't want to ruin my NY plans more than it already did, so it waited till it was all over to knock me down to bed...and it's been driving me crazy, being stuck inside and lying in bed most of the time...the worst thing is that I don't feel I'm gonna recover for at least a few more days, and I really better be cos in like ten days I'm going back to my working tasks and I can't possibly be doing my job in such a condition =/
Well, at least it is a good opportunity while doing nothing productive, to squeeze in one or two updates before things get hectic again and I neglect this nice, little cosy place of mine.

Now, is there a better way to start the year than with a new country? I know I told you already that a few new countries have been waiting in line to be posted, but JP ruined my plans (gees, seems like a lot of my plans have been ruined lately, but probably for a good reason :D)
So I'm really sorry that I'll keep you in dark for a while more about those special places, but today the special first post in 2015 goes to this written and stamped card from the...well, you've already read it in the title above so it's no longer that much of a surprise, but yep, it is indeed a w/s card from the British Antarctica! :D  I just don't know if im more excited to have received this card or envious of JP for having been there :)

The card shows a wreck of an old whaler ship, while in the background you can see the Deception Island, which is part of the South Shetland Islands, which have been claimed by the United Kingdom since 1908 and to be part of the British Antarctic Territory since 1962. They are also claimed by the governments of Chile (since 1940, as part of the Antártica Chilena province) and by Argentina (since 1943, as part of Argentine Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Province).

Awesome cancellation of Port Lockroy, which is a natural harbour on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island in Palmer Archipelago of the British Antarctic Territory.
As for the stamps....there are two and both were issued in 2013. The one with the penguin is from a set of 8, penguin stamps, of course, and this little fella here is an Adélie penguin. The other stamp is from a set of 16 stamps commemorating the 50th Anniversary of British Antarctic Territory Stamps - Antarctic Research. No, that's not the Queen there lurking...or is it?!!

Thanks sooo much JP for the fantastic surprise...and for the perfect timing, starting the new year with a brand new country!! Thank you!!! Ana happy!!


Ja Optymistyczna said...

Nice post - cheerful and happy :)
All the best for you in this New Year! :)
Greetings from Poland!

Scriptor Senex said...

Wow. That is a wonderful card. And the stamps too. You lucky soul (can you hear the note of quiet envy in my words?).