Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dúvugarður, Faroe Islands

Well, the weather here has finally gotten some grip, though now honestly it is too hot for my taste...well, not the boiling summer kind of hot, but it is such a drastic change, that even this feels too much.
But I've gotten quite busy lately so barley had the chance to enjoy the sun, though I did manage to grab a few afternoons while reading in my of the absolutely priceless moments of life =)

well, without much further ado, lets post a few cards, and don't make May a single-post month :) Funny though, right now I'm doing much better with posting cards here, than posting actual cards...I dont know if it is just a phase, but for a while now I've been mainly sending cards that have been lagging behind or resending some lost ones...but believe it or not, havent drawn an official address for over two months...which is kind of a record...but ok, won't bother you with that, I was about to show you some cards.

First one for today came as an absolute surprise from dear Wang...and what a surprise that is!! Such a lovely card from the Faroe Islands!! not my first one from there, but it is just my second written and stamped one, so I was really really happy to find it in my mailbox!

Boy,I love this misty, gloomy atmosphere on the card!
Here you can see a part of Saksun, which is a village near the northwest coast of the Faroese island of Streymoy.
Тhere is a church and a museum in the village. The church was originally built in Tjørnuvík, but in 1858 it was disassembled, carried over the mountains and reassembled in Saksun. The Museum occupies a seventeenth century farm house called Dúvugarður - and that is what is actually portrayed on the card...really cool place!
The house belongs to the Dúvugarður farm, still an active sheep farm with approximately 300 ewes.

The flower stamp was issued this year under the SEPAC issue.

Xie Xie Wang! For thinking of me and for such a great card! Check your mailbox please :)

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