Saturday, May 31, 2014

Colours, Aromas and Spices, Madagascar

Well, lets sneak in one more update in May!
That would be thanks to this tedious working assignment I have right now and when the closer you come to the end the more anxious you get (the negative kind of anxious).
So thank God there is a tennis match right now...and while watching that, I thought it would be nice to show a few cards as well, before I go back to the working stuff...yeah, I am multitasking...watching tennis, posting cards, drinking name it :P

My first card for today arrived recently...and when choosing the cards for today I came to a realization that this is my first written and stamped one from Madagascar! I got quite confused cos I was convinced I had another w/s from there already, but obviously I was wrong...and that made me even more glad having received this splendid card, showing a beautiful market!

this place is simply a paradise for all senses...and even though our markets are maybe not arranged the same way, here you can find almost all the things you can see on the card, regarding vegetables, spices, seeds etc. Yes, conserving vegetables in jars like that is one of the favourite 'hobbies' of a typical Macedonian person :)
Comes in handy...esp. during winter.
And then those jars that look as if having some sort of paste/spread inside...reminds me of our ajvar or malidzano...mmhmm mhhm mhhmm, feeling hungry at the very thought of it!

But seriously, I could spend hours and hours at a place like this! And probably leave dizzy :)
Stamp was issued in 2012...and that's like all I know about it...for some reason information on Madagascar stamps is quite scarce...though while searching for this one I came across some other Madagascar issues..and boy my jaw dropped at all those space related stamps they have! EXTRAORDINARY!!
Maybe I'll get my hands on some of day :)