Saturday, May 31, 2014

América Andina, Chile

A few Chile cards I received in a swap two years ago...all people related, so I post them altogether now.
They are all fantastic, and I just love this kind of traditional clothing..esp. those scarves!! something i'd wear on daily basis! LOVE THEM!!

All three cards feature people from the Andes (the longest continental mountain range in the world.

The first card shows local peasant girls dressed in traditional clothing.
Traditional Chilean clothing, as it can be seen, is very vivid, lively, and festive and is also based a lot around comfort because most of the population in Chile works in jobs that use manual labor and modern fashion also has a lot of influence on the traditional Chilean clothing because it is very patriotic, showing pictures that represent the country. This relates to the ethnic composition because most of the articles of clothing made take a lot of work and manual labor, which is the type of work that the majority of the population does, it is very versatile, and people from all walks of life can wear it.

a cute stamp issued in 2008 in a set of 10 stamps representing Typical Chilean characters, and here you can see a road sweeper...who looks really happy and content while whistling some songs during his working hours.
And also there is an additional postage sticker (on all three cards) is funny to me that they weigh the cards....

This second card...isn't it one of the most adorable ones you've seen? I sooo much love it!!!!

and just look at all those colours she is tucked in! And those almond shaped deep-black eyes! Adorable!!!

the stamp is from a set of two stamps issued in 2006, for the World Forum for Quality

the third card shows a peasant family, again dressed in traditional clothing.

I do appreciate OUR traditional clothing and stuff...but often I wish I lived in one of these Latin/South American countries, that have this kind of clothing that is both like traditional and modern and absolutely MY taste! Add to this that I've been told on a number of occasions that I have something Latin/South American in my me why, it is not something i've made up...ask others for an explanation...but that's just probably another reason why unconsciously I find such clothing so appealing =)

this stamp is also from the set representing Typical Chilean Characters, and this one shows a Barrel Organ Grinder...

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