Friday, January 17, 2014

Yellowstone National Park, USA

well, my last post for today is what I would call it, a Yellowstone treat =)
Ive had Yellowstone cards before, but it would be such a pity not to show this off...they are all so amazing and with such awesome stamps...and all thanks to the Bryon postcard fairy!

I think that if there is some kind of contest about people who have most frequently visited Yellowstone, Bryon should win something...seriously!

I hope I haven't overlooked a Yellowstone card in my will post these ones for now...and luckily, each one of them has text on the back..saviour! =)

The first one is sooo cool! Love it!!  And yes, this car is to take us inside the Yellowstone Kingdom, introducing you to the places and things you will come across inside

back of the card: 2007 marked the long-awaited "homecoming" of eight vintage White Motor Company buses to..(whoops, that is a bus, not a car...heh, oh well =)), Yellowstone for in-park tours! The returning fleet includes two 1936 vehicles, four from 1937 and two from 1938. These buses were originally used as part of a large Yellowstone fleet that numbered in hundreds. Pictured in the window of the bus are some of Yellowstone's more popular animals and natural features: grizzly bear; Old Faithful geyser: bison w/calf; Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces; Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, howling wolf

an awesome Glenn Miller stamp issued in a set of 4 stamps in 1996 from the American Music Series representing Big Band Leaders.
The flower stamp is from a set of two Garden Bouquet stamps issued in 2004.

Next is that famous spring with such amazing colours!

back of the card: Grand Prismatic Spring, Aerial View. Yellowstone's geologic features offer a window through which both visitor and scientist may view into the very heart of Mother Earth. The Park is a unique area where her crust is thin, consequently geothermal basins are both fascinating and dangerous. Walkaways, like the one seen above the spring, are provided to protect the environment from many feet and feet of scalding water.

and a matching stamp among else! isnt that neat?!! That one, along with the one next to it (showing the volcanic crater) are from that fantastic Earthscapes issue from 2012
The other two are familiar I think.
I love that Yellowstone National Park cancellation =)

Next is this huge panoramic card with such beautiful colours!

back of the card: The Mammoth Hot Springs area contains many examples of constantly changing geology at work. Approximately 500 gallons of hot water per minute carry an estimated two tons of a form of dissolved limestone to the surface per day, to create these delicate features.

and look at that cool set of stamps! yep, it is the whole set indeed! Issued in 2012, showing Hawaii T-shirts..and the issue is simply called "Aloha!" =)

Another amazing panoramic card, where for some reason, the colours of the skies and the trees and the waterfall, are better manfiested on the scanned image...

back of the card: The thundering of the Lower Fall, drops 308 feet and sends a misty spray against the green moss walls of the canyon.

I can just be sighing at the fantastic WHOLE set of lighthouses...this is from the 2013 you have New London Harbour in Connecticut, Portland Head in Maine, Portsmouth Harbour in New Hampshire, Boston Harbour in Massachusetts and Point Judith in Rhode Island.

Next two cards refer to the bison mentioned at the beginning of the post, when we took a ride on that bus..

back of the card: Bison refers to the North American species as opposed to Bovids in other parts of the world, which are called buffalo. Bison are related to domestic cattle, sheep and goats. Bison stand 5 1/2 feet high at shoulders. Adult males (bulls) weigh 1,200 - 2,000 pounds while females (cows) weigh 700-900 pounds.

Lesson learned - plural of 'bison' is 'bison' not 'bisons'

A Sylvia Plath stamp! ❤  That one, along with the Hayden stamp beneath, were issued in 2012 in a set of 20 stamps, representing 20th Century Poets.
And another matching stamp here...a bison stamp! It comes from a set of 50 stamps representing the North American Wildlife.

And some more bison..on a huge panoramic card

back of the card: Bison may appear to be slow-gaited because of their bulk and size but they are actually very quick and agile and can run at speeds of up to 30 mph. Bison herds, like this one pictured stampeding, are usually comprised of younger bulls, cows and calves. Except during the annual rut, mature males remain solitary or in small herds with other bulls.

not an unfamiliar stamp here...but I don't know if you have noticed that ALL the cards here came with different stamps!
Dont know how to ever thank you enough Bryon for all these efforts of my mailbox attacks...will be lying if I said I don't love the 'war' ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed the Yellowstone trip and the cards today in general.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead!


Bryon D said...

Wow, somebody had Yellowstone fever here. Not sure if it was the sender or receiver or both I suppose. It is an incredibly beautiful place and I never ever tire of it. Every time I visit I see some fantastic natural wonder I've never seen before. If you are an Ana blog fan and are in need of a Yellowstone postcard and/or postmark for your collection, drop me a note to BryonD on Postcrossing and I will send you one on my next visit which I hope will be soon.

Ana said...

ahh, someone is looking for new victims :D well, whoever decides to become one, is doomed to mailbox happiness...saying this from personal don't complain later you haven't been warned ;-)