Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kuwait City, Kuwait

oh boy, what a month it has it been...what a way to start the year when it comes to postcards! dear fairies striking from all corners of the world! And I can't remember when was the last time when I did so many posts per month...I feel like im on a roll =) well I better do it while I have the time..and this update almost didn't happen cos for whatever odd reason, my scanner refused to work the other day...i fell in despair...the usual restart/restore thing just wouldnt work...oh well, disconnecting all printer cables did the miracle in the end...yeah, so simple...but boy it got me so know, it is one of those moments when you realize how much something as trivial as a scanner is meaningful to your every day pathetic as it may sound :)
Anyways, lets start with the gem of the day from my dear Herbert fairy who made sure I have the Special K in my mailbox...twice :P
Well, I was sort of expecting this card...tracking widgets can pretty much ruin things for you sometimes...but still, when you actually DO get that special country in your mailbox, the thrill is inexplicable! :D
I already have posted Kuwait cards here and here...but third like char, cos ladies and gentleman, this is my very first written and stamped card from Kuwait!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it makes me even double-happy cos from what Herbert had told me, if I may use his own words, this country has been his biggest postcard disaster.
Hence im really really grateful to have this in my own collection now :)

And the card shows the Safat Square in Kuwait City, and as the card says (not sure how readable it is): Safat Square, with its symphonic arrangements of spirals and spires echoes the look and the feel of the whole City.
Unfortunately, for this kind of places you dont get to find too much info in google, except that it is like the major historical commercial square in Kuwait City...but there is this man, who has put a number of videos on YouTube...this fountain at night...with the lovely colours and the beautiful sounds of the Oriental/Arabic music...wasn't sure which one to put, so eventually my choice fell on this one..enjoy!!

don't know at what time was this video shot, but i was surprised how empty it was...and usually this kind of places are full with, there is this kid you will notice, in short sleeves...which leads to the conclusion that it is not cold, so people do not hide at home from the cold...and it is probably not late...but well then, it is Kuwait we are talking about after all

and here comes that very important part...the stamps...and the cancellations...those things that make such a card so worth it :) And it took like less than a month to reach you can see, it was cancelled on December 26, and I received it a few days ago, so rather impressive for a country like this...even the Macedonian postal service would rank worse here :)

The stamp is from a set of three Liberation Day stamps issued in 2009.

Herbert dear, thank you again from the bottom of my heart! for the cards, the thoughtfulness, the friendship, everything =)


Rick Richardson said...

A really nice card :)

Hawwa said...

Hello Ana,
I publihed today the postcard you sent to me. Thanks again!