Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moose, Finland

the last post for today will feature two moose cards from Finland.


Both of these cards arrived this year and arrived as officials...and what surprised me the most that I realized I have not received moose cards before...and then you just get two different ones :) well, at least they are all different :)
This first one was sent by Malin who says that they are big but peaceful animals that unfortunately are very dangerous due to their size when they run into the road and the traffic...yeah, I have read stories about car accidents involving moose =/

delicious stamp from a set of 3 fruit stamps issued in 2013


the other moose card was sent by Piipu, who says that in Finland they have a lot of them! well that comes as no surprise since most moose can be found in Canada, Alaska, Russia and, of course Scandinavia. 

I once posted a Canadian moose card that you can see here 

and here comes an absolutely adorable stamp! yeah, the Finnish just know how to do it! Heart-melting! This cute little bunny is from a set of six pets' stamps issued in 2012!
Btw, I dont know if you can see it well, but the cancellation says '2015' not '2014'...someone wanted to be ahead of time ;-)

well, finally this post comes to an end..hope you enjoyed it at least a bit...I surely enjoyed it a usual, it's always great to be back after a longer silence.
Hope you are all well! Happy Labour day and happy spring!!

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