Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Troy, Turkey

Another surprise card here...this time from Danut. Thanls a lot again for it Danut!!!

A really cool UNESCO card showing the archaeological site of Troy...oh yeah, THAT Troy, the one where that Trojan War took place!
Ok, this place is so full of stories and there is so much to be said about it, that it would turn into an endless post...I just started wondering now if I've ever actually read the Iliad...or anything by Homer...I know it was talked and talked and talked about in high-school...but beats me if we were supposed to read his works...or just excerpts..and the more I keep thinking about it the more assured I am I haven't read those...should that be embarrassing? hmmm...well, speaking of reading...I could certainly recommend "Journey to Portugal" by Jose Saramago....currently reading it...has some nice melancholic touch of making you long for places...Im pretty sure Id be dreaming of Portugal once Im done with it..

ok, no stamp on the card...just the red thing...and, khm khm, if you've been wondering what the heck is that huge stain...let me tell you...it is nothing else but coffee...and no, the card arrived in perfect condition...it is clumsy me who does disasters...spilling coffee or other drinks is one of my specialties...one of the worst outcomes is when postcards or letters happen to be around...which unfortunately was the case this time...don't know how many postcards exactly suffered...with a small or not so small stain..but even one is more than a lot...I really need to get something that you can lets say, fix on a desk or a wall or anything near you...in which you can put your cup of coffee or whatever you are drinking...so that no matter how much you move around, that you can't spill the glass/mug/cup over...anyone ever seen something of the sorts? Seriously, I desperately need one...before an even worse disaster happens...and I can be a walking disaster, trust me...

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