Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boka Kotorska, Montenegro

I was so so so thrilled when a week ago or so I received some postcards from dear Sissel! I missed her in my mailbox and missed her around! So it is so heart-warming when you find such surprises in the mailbox!

And I can't believe it she's been so near me this time!! I hope that during one of her future travels, she will drop by here as well *wink wink* :)

Here she sent me a cool map card of the Boka Kotor Bay in Montenegro...driving along its coast offers you one of the most splendid views in the whole country! The bare thought of the Adriatic Sea makes me sigh...haven't been there for a while...there was this opportunity to go there for a day or two with my dad in September...Im not actually sure what his plan and intentions were, but I didn't really care...to his question: "Do you want to go by car to Budva (the most famous place in Montenegro)...." my answer was an immediate YES...didn't question the conditions or anything...unfortunately, nothing turned out from that...and right now it is just too cold to go there...so I guess Ill have to wait for another opportunity....and invade some other places in the meantime. *cough cough cough* :P

Sissel used two stamps...the left one was issued in 2009 under the name Universiade. The other one was issued in 2010, as a part of two Art stamps.

well, the map Sissel sent me reminded me I had two other maps of the Boka Kotor Bay that I bought myself when I went there in 2009...and making the comparison, the publishers have really advanced on the topic...the map above looks somewhat plain...the map below reminds me of a pack of cigarettes...Im not exactly sure why though...

Thanks a lot again Sissel for the lovely surprises!!!!

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