Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Riga, Latvia

I've posted about Riga before (on three occasions)..but seems that I have acquired a number of Riga cards in the meantime as well...and they are all so fantastic, that I just have to make a Riga post...again...

This first card arrived few months ago, resulting from a swap with Patrik...boy, I cant possibly explain how I felt when this one arrived and I saw the view and its colours! I think it is this card that made me dig into my boxes for the older Riga cards and make a Riga update...if this card doesn't make you want to visit Riga, I dont know what will! Lovely lovely lovely panorama of Riga!! Like on an early morning when the city is waking up and getting ready for the day.

It is one of those Latvian stamps from the "Coat of Arms" series...this one issued back in 1994 in a set of 4 stamps.

Another panorama of Riga...this one being more like after a nice autumn rain when the sun is struggling to breakthrough the clouds at the end of the day...

This one was sent by Oleg, almost 3 years ago...who also used the Coats of the Arms =)
The first and the last one were issued in 2010...the first one shows the Coat of Arms of Preiļi, while the last one shows the Coats of Arms of Viesīte
The middle stamp was issued in 2007, showing the Coat of Arms of the Latvian town Auce

this card gives us a closer look on the Riga castle at the banks of the Daugava river, which today it is the official residence of the President of Latvia as well as home to several museums

another Coat of Arms' stamp =) this one issued in 2005, showing us the Coat of Arms of Daugavpils. The other stamp is a Christmas one from a set of two issued in 2012

the last card here shows one of the several bridges connecting the two parts of Riga, and if im not mistaken, this one should be the Vanšu Bridge, which is a cable-stayed bridge

hey! No Coats of Arms here!!!! Ha! and I so much love this Astronomy stamp!! (Some of you should know why =) It is from the EUROPA 2009 issue, when the theme was Astronomy. Lovely!!!

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