Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cardiff, Wales

well, here comes an keep me sane...due to some recent events..and depending on how things develop after tonight, I may not be able to post an update soon again...wont bother you with details, but thats the story of my life...of nice things going wrong out of nowhere...and depending on how everything develops tonight or in the following days, I may not be in the frame of mind to post anything here for a while...though i truly hope that's not gonna happen...but for now, ill bother you with some cards....and the first one here comes from Wales!!! And it is a very very special card!

well, you may wonder, what's so special about it? first of all, it came as a surprise from dear Herbert...who seems to be having a nice deal of travels =) second....when I received it recently, I came to a realization that actually I've NEVER EVER posted a card from Wales before...I mean, NEVER! And I DO have Welsh cards! I swear I do!! like at least 10 of them!! But why oh why on Earth I've always skipped Wales when choosing what to me! I am really really clueless on that one...but well, here is the time to fix my mistake and give Wales its honorary spot here...a lovely card coming from Cardiff.
And I wont go into details about each image...Ill leave that for my future Welsh posts...but for now I'll just tell you what is on the card...from left top...first you have the City Hall....then you have, well the Welsh dragon of course, but having a Welsh flag-card, Ill leave the story about it for that one =).
Next to the dragon is the Llandaff Cathedral.
Then, second row left is the Millennium Stadium, while the bottom line starts with the Bay...then in the middle is the Norwegian church, and at the end is the Castle.
One funny thing that Herbert told me about his trip here, is that no one spoke Welsh...he has asked several people to say something or write something in Welsh, but no luck...huh...thats odd..personally I find the Welsh language and its crazy long words for the names of places...I mean, are even the Welsh able to say, Im going on a holiday in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch without having their tongue stuck?
And wow, I wonder how it is to be an interpreter in Welsh..I mean, I sometimes struggle even with that simple language called English..and I often wonder how difficult it is to be an interpreter in German...but the Welsh certainly beats it...

well, Wales doesn't have its own stamps of course...and I love this one Herbert used, showing Captain Cuttle from the Dombey and Son. It is from a set of ten Charles Dickens' stamps issued in 2012. Must admit I haven't read this one...

Thanks so much again Herbert!! Always love your surprises =)


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SJ Logger said...

you'll like this story then:

Ana said...

thanks for the link! loved it! I actually love such 'lost in translation' moments...professional damage probably =) but seriously, they can be hilarious!