Monday, September 9, 2013

Nebraska, USA

well, so much from my morning posting enthusiasm..the internet went down...and then I had to go out...and well, hope to finish the last two cards now :)

Can you actually imagine my surprise when I was creating the labels for this card and to my Nebraska label was popping up....despite I was somewhat convinced I had covered all the 50 states with at least one I guess I have the honour to post my first Nebraska card today...and it is a great map card! :)
The sender says that (I hope she won't mind I am quoting her, but i loved what she wrote:))  Nebraska is a pretty boring state, especially compared to its neighbours that are full of mountains...Nebraska is very flat and full of corn fields. But at least it is not completely covered in cement, so there is a lot of fresh air.

Well I haven't visited any of the US states, so can't say what would make them boring or interesting :)

and we have the Global Forever stamp issued this year.

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Bryon D said...

Nice to see you here again! I have only been to Nebraska once, and only in a tiny corner of it and yes it was pretty much just cornfields there, but hey, I like corn! Pretty colors on the postcard.