Monday, September 9, 2013

Leyte, Philippines

next comes a really nice card from the Philippines.

On the card you can see the monument showing the return of Gen. McArtur to the Philippines, where on October 20 1944, his forces started liberating Philippines and parts of Asia from the Japanese occupation. McArtur earlier made the promise of "I shall return" (I guess something like Schwarzi's "I'll be back" in Terminator :) and became famous for that line.
And Lannie, the sender says that it is very common nowadays for Filipinos to use that "I shall return" phrase when they want to say they will be back.

the fish stamp is from a set of 10 Marine life stamps issued in 2011, while the beautiful one with the roses is from a set of ten, Paintings of young Filipino artists' 2012 stamps.

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