Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Traditional Wood Carvings, Rwanda

been quite here again for a while.....sorry about that...things just happen and time just flies...sometimes i really think i should take a break with postcrossing and all coz it becomes stressful...and it shouldnt should be fun...but sometimes when you dont manage to keep up with it properly, it simply doesnt feel as it should feel and it is more like a burden than something to enjoy...and most of the time I just havent had the right mood for postcards, we'll see how things develop.
Ive been wanting to make an update for a while, esp, since I have some really cool things I wanted to share with you, but due to a number of reasons I havent managed to do so until today...and well, without any further ado, lets take a look at a few cards that have arrived over the past few months...

And first, as the protocol goes, will dedicate my attention to a brand new country, and this time we have a great card coming from Rwanda!!

I was lucky to get into the Rwanda group at the Vacation RR, and am happy to have received my very first written and stamped card from this really rare country!!
Rwanda is this not that big country, located in the heart of Africa, but very densely populated.
The Rwandans express their ingenuity in traditional art through basket making, wood carving, pottery, sculpture and house decorations...and on the card we can see one of those pieces of art, that is, traditional wood carvings. Im not sure what exactly the carvings on the card present, but it is said that since more and more tourists visit this country and buy carvings, there should be an increased awareness of the beauty and durability as well as the cultural and historical values of wood carving, despite it has not brought substantial income for the carvers.

and we have two lovely stamps...unfortunately, not cancelled...but well it was sent from Rwanda indeed :)
the stamp on the left was issued in 1983 in a set of 10 Agriculture stamps, while the other one is from 2010, from a set of 5 paintings, representing the art and culture of Rwanda.

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