Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Saviour's Church, Denmark

next comes a fantastic swap card from Denmark! I was thrilled when Chris offered to swap...apart from not receiving Danish cards that often, this one has been in my favourites too for a while, plus it has bikes on it...just love the image! Esp. the winter charm of the snow-covered-bikes :)

well, besides the bikes, the card also shows Our Saviour's Church in Copenhagen, which is best known for its corckscrew spire with an external winding staircase that you can see at the top, from where you have a fantastic view over the city.
It is also noted for its carillon, which is the largest in northern Europe and plays melodies every hour from 8 am to midnight.
Chris says that despite the picture, it rarely snows in Copenhagen and that 40% of the people there commute to work on bike...hmmm, actually I thought it was much more, but lets not get disappointed. Coz Copenhagen is one of those places I admire coz of the bicycle culture and habit people have and ride their bikes in sunshine, rain, name it.

and I think this is my first EUROPA 2013 stamp...which this year represents postman vans...or other postal means of transport.

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