Thursday, March 21, 2013

Texas, USA

well, one more card for today, showing a Train Yard in Houston, Texas.

Thanks a lot to Lauren who contacted me to swap for this card...I had had it in my favourites for a long time....not only coz it is related to railways, but I just love the image as a whole with the beautiful sky colour in the background.
This is what the back of the card says: Houston has not evolved into Texas' biggest city by accident. Known as the Bayou City for its waterway system, Houston thrives because it is a great place to work and live. Houston's infrastructure is also strengthened by three airports and a massive trucking and rail system that links the southern, south central, midwestern and western US.
Well, those living in Texas or having had the chance to live there should confirm or deny the aforementioned statement...just for a comparison...the population of Houston is like the population of entire Macedonia so Im not quite sure Im gonna like it, even if it had the most efficient public transport in the world...if it had good cycling paths though, I would give it a thought.

remember this stamp? anyone missed it? well, I must say the colours go really well with the card itself :)

Happy spring everyone!!


Bryon D said...

I lived in Houston for a year a while back. Huge city, hurricanes, torrential rain, incredibly humid, unbelievable traffic, cockroaches galore and lots of snakes, Sounds awful? Not at all! The most warm and friendly people I have ever met, I loved every minute there!

Ana said...

cockroaches?? snakes??? no thank you :) Macedonians are warm and friendly people too ;)