Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast

Hi all!! Here comes another short update...yeah, can you believe it? :) well, I really have to find way to show all the fantastic cards Ive received during all that time I was well as all the awesome cards that keep arriving in my these im gonna show today...and first we start with a brand new country in my collection! Number = have no idea! But it's not like it matters that much anyways :)

thanks a million to Natalia for sending me this beauty! The card shows the Bridge of Victorie at the Historic Town of Grand-Bassam, which was the French colonial capital city from 1893 to 1896 (the first capital of Ivory Coast). And in 2012, it was declared a UNESCO whs coz the town bears witness, through its well preserved urban organisation, to an important cultural tradition linked to its role as a colonial capital, an administrative centre for the former AOF (Afrique occidentale française) and a regional commercial hub. From the 1880s to the 1950s, the town brought together various African, European and Middle Eastern populations. Cohabitation between them was harmonious but at the same time conflictual.

I really like the sunset on this one...have you noticed that while you are at the lake/sea/ocean, the air simply feels and smells different? there is some kind of nostalgia floating around, reminding you that another day has gone by with no chance of return...and there is just this kind of slow motion at this time of the day when time simply seems as if being in another dimension...or maybe it is only my perception :)

and Natalia used two great stamps! the stamp one the left was issued in 1987, in a set of 3 stamps, representing the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The other stamp was issued in 2003, from a set of 4 stamps representing 20 Carved Columns of the Museum of Civilizations of Cote d'Ivoire, and here you can notice the Kple kple (a female Goli cult mask)

thanks so much to Natalia for such lovely card and stamps!!!


Gem from Calgary said...

Great cards on your blog lately. Love the Ivory Coast card. Congrats on that one. That's the same Natalia that sent me a couple of cards from Ivory Coast also. Like the Solar system card, and the beautiful stamp on the Turkmenistan card. Just outstanding.
Take care,

Bryon D said...

Completely agree with Glenn here, great cards lately Ana and this one from Ivory Coast is a real treasure! Keep posting!

Ana said...

thank you guys! Ive been trying to catch up a bit and use the time as much as I can for the time being until the usual distractions strike back again :)