Monday, March 4, 2013


next comes one of my all time favourite cards...Ive had it in my favourites for quite long...and I just couldnt believe it one day that someone tagged me for it! I was just super-duper excited!

why I so much love it? ahh, I dont know....I mean, you have a bookstore that looks sooo nice and know, not the modern kind of bookstore, but those old ones, with a wooden door, a bell sound when someone enters...the smell of old books inside....such a nice warm atmosphere, while outside it is raining...and the cherry on top is the just makes this card so perfect, and so much ME..yeah, this card is screaming ANA ANA ANA all over the place! I just love love love it!
Speaking of books, currently Im reading "A Heart So White" by Javier Marías. Im at page 64 so I still cant give some conclusion whether the book is good or bad...but there is some interesting development of events.
Speaking of bicycles...the front tyre on mine literally exploded today while I was going back home...just now when the weather got so nice and the rainy gloomy days should be behind us, my bike betrayed me...I really need to have my tires replaces as soon as possible...coz i just have this itch to be in the sunshine on my bike!

the credits for the photo go to: where you can see a lot more awesome photos!

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