Monday, March 4, 2013

Bali, Indonesia

And JP strikes again...this time with a beautiful peaceful image of the terraced ricefields in Bali.

just yesterday a friend was telling me about her visit to Bali...but she had visited the 'commercial' side of a different image from the one we usually imagine about it...this has been the noisy dimension, full of tourists and narrow streets, parties and coffee shops, crowds and expensiveness....hmmm, yeah, when you talk to me about Bali, I do imagine something like on the postcard....I certainly can not relate Bali to crowds and if I ever get the chance to visit it, I could take a peek at that commercial side, but Id definitely love to explore the 'natural' part of it

JP used four stamps on the card, coming from a set of 8, showing traditional textile.

thanks a lot JP for all the great cards!! And thank you all for reading :)

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agi said...

haha svidja mi se ovo 'jp strikes again' xD