Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roundstone, Ireland

well, for my last card today Ive chosen this beautiful Irish card (Irish cards are almost always BEAUTIFUL!)

I love the sort of gloomy atmosphere on this one...and i think I have a particular thing developed for boats like this...not like for a postcard theme, but ive noticed, that whenever I see boats on the shore or in the water, i take pictures of them, and try to make some cool shots regarding the boats' arrangement compared to the surroundings or so...and if boats come in different colours, that is just a bonus!

well, about that story I mentioned above....well, some 10 days ago, there was a huge fire at the main post office in Skopje...and unfortunately, that is the post office where the Philatelic Bureau is also situated...or should I say, 'was'...there were no deaths fortunately, but the damage is huge..and the post office is not working at the moment...all the employees there have been reallocated to other post offices...however, I cant find out where the philately lady is and if she is working at all or she is taking a break...I dont know if and how many stamps have suffered the fire but practically, right now, i cant get any nice new stamps....I have to be satisfied with the general (boring) ones that are sold at the post offices...and that is quite annoying...but unfortunately, for the time being, i dont have much of a choice, and im running out of the nice stock of stamps I usually get at the philately *sigh*
you can read about it here  as well

as for the stamps on the card, we have a nice selection of flowers here...the one on the left is a definitive from a set of 5 definitives issued in 2005. representing an Irish orchid. Next to it is the 'dandelion' (i cant tell if this one was issued in 2004 or 2007). Next tp the dandelion is the 'thrift', from the set of 3 wild flowers' stamps issued in 2008. And the last stamp shows a large-flowered butterwort, as a part of 4 definitives issued in 2007.

thanks a lot to Monika for this lovely card!

And a nice evening/morning/afternoon too all :)

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