Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lighthouses of Michigan, USA

Here is a great card showing just 6 out of the 100+ Michigan lighthouses (if we are to trust the back of the card :))

card sent by Bryon...and when I read his cards, I have a feeling that he is more in the 'air' than on the 'ground' :)))))
I have no idea which Michigan lighthouses are shown here...I tried making comparison with some Michigan lighthouses I have...but no success...though this means that it is a real challenge to actually collect all the Michigan lighthouses :) Who knows if all of them are even on a postcard?

I LOVE that photography stamp! It is just soo cool! It is a 15c stamp issued back in 1978.
As for the other two..they are a part of the fantastic Earthscapes series....more of which you can read about at the post on my stamps-blog (yeah, that was a brag for those who havent seen it :))
Which reminds me now I need to think of a post for the Sunday Stamps entry....uhmm, what to choose, what to choose...ill try not to go with a train :)

thank you thank you Bryon!

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Bryon D said...

The bottom center lighthouse looks like the Whitefish Bay Lighthouse on Lake Superior. Canadian songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot wrote a somber song titled, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", about a famous shipwreck that occurred 27km from this lighthouse. While the Michigan lighthouse is the closest lighthouse to the wreck, the wreckage is actually in Canadian waters. Hard to believe there are 100 lighthouses in Michigan where there is no ocean!