Saturday, January 19, 2013

Herodium, Israel

It is always so cool to receive an official card from someone you already sort of know :) that's the case with this card that arrived from Debora from Israel


This fantastic card shows the Herodium, which is a is truncated cone-shaped hill, located near Jerusalem.
It is said that Herod the Great built a fortress and palace (the Herod's Palace) on the top of Herodium.

According to Josephus, Herodium was built on the spot where Herod won a victory over his Hasmonean and Parthian enemies in 40 BCE. To commemorate the event, the king built the fortress and the palace there, which he named after himself. He also built, in the plain below the hill, an administrative center for the region, which had not been previously settled. He also had a royal tomb built for himself.

A really cool just not sure how accessible it is for tourists...

yay, a train stamp! It shows the Valley Railway and was issued in 2011. As for the other two stamps..they are both definitives..the 40 face value one was issued in for the other one, cant tell for appears several times throughout the years...

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