Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alaska, USA

My last card for today comes from the beautiful Alaska...and i was so happy to receive this one coz it was in my favourites for a long long time

the card shows an Eskimo mother with her children in Northern Alaska...boy, as it wasnt enough it is Alaska, it even has to be northern :P

I love those Eskimo clothes...they are so nice and colourful with such interesting designs....we could have used these this winter, since there was this period when our temperatures dropped at -15 degrees...ok, not as cold as in Northern Alaska, thats for sure, but it was that time of the year, when you dont feel like going anywhere coz you cant dress something properly without looking like a stuffed bear.
Speaking of cold temperatures...I cant help but laugh at Los Angeles, and their alarming state coz of...+ 13 degrees Celsius apocalypse...

at times i want to believe it is a parody and not real news broadcasts...i wonder how they practice soccer in Alaska then...

well, you know the stamp :)

thanks for reading and for still coming back to give it a check (hopefully)

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agi said...

haha chuda od amera :))