Sunday, December 2, 2012

Arkansas, USA

well, with this next card I can cross out one more US state from my list...thanks to Despina for pointing me out the Arkansas contact...I honestly wouldnt have figured out myself, despite having the lady on my FB list :)

it is a really lovely card, showing the Old Mill, which is located in the North Little Rock and is a historic recreation of an 1880's water powered grist mill. the mill was used in the opening scenes of "Gone With The Wind" and is believed to be the only remaining structure from the film.
Well, the fans of the movie may recognize this...personally, i cant, sorry :) but still it is one lovely card...with so much greenery to enjoy!

the stamp is an airmail stamp from this year, featuring the Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Yeah, US postal rates are really high...i wonder what would happen if you actually dont use an airmail rate and send it regularly..if there is such thing in the US postal world...

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Maggie said...

I don't think there is non-airmail at all. If you look up the price for postcards it just says $.32 domestic $.85 Mexico/Canada $1.05 rest of the world. You used to be able to send sea mail packages overseas (took about 2 months IIRC) more cheaply but they have now gotten rid of that as well.