Saturday, September 8, 2012

St. Kilda, Sctoland

here is one awesome card from my favourites! Actually, I think that all Scottish cards are just awesome! I dont know how they manage it, but I think that even out of the simplest thing, they can make a fantastic card!

St. Kilda is an isolated archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, containing the westernmost islands of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.
The card here shows the Village Bay...probably the most famous place on St. Kilda. It is considered as the most complete and least altered site of its type in Scotland and in this respect is an excellent example of a settlement associated with what is now a rapidly declining crofting way of life - a rural tradition of great significance.
These houses are just soo cool, esp. that one with the light coming from the inside...even feels surreal...for a moment I thought it may be the sun coming through the backside window..but there is a mountain on that side, so sun cant possibly be lurking here...just like one of those fairy tale stories when two kids go astray in the woods, and just there in the distance, notice a glimmering light...but the situation is veiled in mystery and uneasiness...well, you are familiar with those tales :)
Now, St Kilda is also on the UNESCO whs list, so I guess this part of it is also included ...

well, here you have three queen stamps, and one from a set of 4 stamps, dedicated to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London of this year.


Gem from Calgary said...

A fine nice card.

agi said...

savršena razglednica! sviđaju mi se takva izolirana bi tek bio pravi odmor :)