Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moszna, Poland

last card for today comes from Poland, showing the beautiful Moszna castle.

I dont know if some photoshop has interfered here but however, the card is just lovely, and i absolutely love the colours!
Moszna is a small village in south-west Poland. The castle was built in the 17th century and it's reminiscent of the English castles from the Elizabethan period. The castle has as many chambers as there are days in the calendar.
The castle has a chapel which is also used as a concert hall. Since 1998 the building houses a gallery, in which works of various artists are presented at regular exhibitions.
It is one of the best known monuments in the western part of Upper Silesia.

Another one, fairy-tale like card :)

the stamp is from the 2011 EUROPA series, representing forests .

thanks for reading and dropping by...and...see you again, sooner or later

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agi said...

ovo je možda najlipša poljska razglednica koju san vidila :)