Sunday, April 1, 2012

New York, USA

Another card which arrived thanks to my favourites' thread :)

I had this NY scene in my favourites for a long long while, and im really happy that I have it in my collection now! Photoshopped or not, the image is freaking awesome! The full moon reminds me of those werewolf horror movies...
there is a lovely excerpt on the back of the card, from "The Lake" by Ray Bradbury. Goes like this:

"The next day, I went away on the train.
A train has a poor memory; it soon puts all behind it. It forgets the cornlands of Illinois, therivers of childhood, the bridges, the lakes, the valleys, the cottages, the hurts and the joys.
It spreads them out behind and they drop back of a horizon."

the 'train' moment is just so thanks so much to Rozanne for selecting just this one for me

and Rozanne also used a bunch of stamps...I guess this increase in the postal rates gives the opportunity for loads of combinations unless you have the stamps with the exact amounts yet.
So here we have, from left to right, the Tiffany Lamp issued in 2008, then the Navajo Jewelry issued in 2006, next to its is the American Toleware from 2007. The fourth stamp is rather new to me and was issued just this year in a set of 5 Aloha Shirts' stamps (really cool!), while the last one is the most adorable to me, issued again this year, in a set of 4 stamps featuring 'Dogs at work'

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prekrasan mi je ovaj view! :)