Sunday, April 1, 2012


well, here is one lovely card from Latvia.

recently I opened a thread on the PC forum, searching for my favourites...and have received loads of awesome cards since then...I just wonder why I hadnt thought of doing so earlier :)
so in case you can help me out too, feel free to check my thread on the forum :)

as for what's on the card....all I know is that this is at the Baltic Sea...I really dont know why Latvians are so persistent in not disclosing the names of the places they feature on their cards (unless it is Riga for example..)
But still, this makes a great card and im really happy to have it...I just dont know if I should consider this tree being in tranquility or in loneliness...

the stamp is from a set of four Coat of Arms' stamps, issued in 1994.

Thanks a lot to Svetlana for the great card!

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