Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tolminka, Slovenia

Getting an official card from someone you know is always a treat! Plus I dont get official cards from Slovenia very often, so it was even a greater pleasure :)


This one arrived from Leon (the Lionheart). That one always makes me think of Richard the Lionheart, the English king.

This card was also in my favourites and shows the bed of the Tolminka river, in the Julian Alps. Did you know that this river contains all species of trout and river bull-head? Had to google for the latter since I've never heard of it. But well, if you are into fishing, you may want to relax by the Tolminka sometimes...   
The Slovenians say there used to be more fish than water in this almost forgotten short and steep river. If im not mistaken, its length is around 10km.

and Leon used a fantastic s/s issued in 2011, commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Post Office Brass Band. the other stamp is from the set of 17 flowers' stamps issued in is the Adriatic Lizard Orchid.
I need to check if i maybe have managed to receive all these Slovenian flowers' stamps :)

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