Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Faithfull, USA

Here is one lovely huge card sent by Bryon...just that I too late noticed that the scan is not really in line..but I was then too lazy to do it all over I hope you dont mind :)

well, slowly Im acquiring more and more lovely spots from the Yellowstone...this one here shows the Old Faithful Geyser, which was named in 1870 by surveyor - General H.D. Washburn, leader of the expedition of that year. Its height varies from 106 to 180 feet (33 - 55 m) and the interval between eruptions varies from 45 to 92 minutes.

amazing place this must be when seen live....I should definitely mark Yellowstone on the map...and visit it one day. Youtube can't even closely capture the magic of it...

and Bryon even found a fantastic matching stamp!! So awesome and thoughtful!

It dates back from exactly 40 years ago...issued in 1972! The silver coffeepot is from 2007 (comes in the set along with the Tiffany lamp), while the Indianapolis stamp was issued last year.

Thanks so much Bryon! Im envious that you get to visit this amazing place! :)


Bryon D said...

Thanks Ana, and Yellowstone is my favorite place in the US. Not that I've been everywhere but I have been many places and nothing tops Yellowstone. I try to see the park at least once a year, sometimes I am lucky enough to get there both in summer and winter. The natural scenery, the wildlife, the incredible beauty, nothing like it. Yes, when you visit the US, be sure it is on your must see list!

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